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Septic Systems

As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your septic system. Proper design, construction, and maintenance of a septic system are essential for the safety of your health and the environment.

The EPA lists four things you can do protect your septic system:

  1. Inspect your system every year and pump the tank every 3-5 years or as necessary
  2. Use water efficiently
  3. Don’t dispose of household wastes in sinks or toilets
  4. Care for your drainfield

Septic systems in Montana must meet state, city, and county regulations. Some regulations include having a drain field at least 100 feet away from the nearest 100 year floodplain and the bottom of the drainfield 4 feet above the 100 year flood elevation. Get in touch with your county health/sanitation department to learn about requirements and permits that you will need to install a new septic system.

Guides and Resources:

State of Montana Subsurface Wastewater Standards

EPA Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems

EPA Homeowner’s Septic System Checklist

Selecting a Construction Site
1. Buying Land and Selecting Construction Site
2. Floodplains
3. Septic Systems
4. Potential Hazards
5. Earthquakes
6. Fire
7. River Movement
8. Water Supply
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