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Landscaping and Vegetation Management

Landscaping is one of the most important features of your property and your easiest opportunities to take actions to improve and protect your property.

The best and cheapest way to maintain a stable bank is to maintain natural deep-rooted streamside vegetation, such as willows and cottonwoods. Banks that are bare of vegetation will quickly erode and damage your land.

Learn more about native riparian plants and animals in Montana.

This property owner left the natural vegetation in place, protecting the bank from erosion and preventing property damage. Removal of these willows to improve the view will almost certainly cause an increase in erosion, and will require an expensive and damaging bank stabilization project.

This property owner removed native shrubs and replaced them with a lawn. Lawns are not effective at stopping erosion. This manicured lawn is beginning to be damaged by erosion.  Maintaining a buffer of deep-rooted trees and shrubs will save you the massive expense of having to save your eroding lawn, and maintain the natural functions needed for healthy fisheries.

The primary cause of this failing bank was the overwatering of the turf grass to the extent that water pooled on the surface.

Property Improvements
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