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Montana is prone to prairie and forest wildfires, that can destroy homes and property. A key concept for homeowners is defensible space, modifications to landscape and vegetation surround a structure to reduce the likelihood of ignition. In the event of a large wildfire, firefighters will not be able to actively defend every home. A buffer zone around your house will increase the likelihood of it surviving the fire.

Fire Safe Montana has developed guides for fire resistant construction

and managing fire risk as a homeowner.

Understand that building and living in forested areas carries a risk of wildfire. Use this Montana DNRC guide to evaluate the fire risk to your current or future home.

Wildfires can increase the risk of flooding by destroying vegetation that absorb rainfall and hold the soil in place. Burned zones are at a higher risk for flooding.


Selecting a Construction Site
1. Buying Land and Selecting Construction Site
2. Floodplains
3. Septic Systems
4. Potential Hazards
5. Earthquakes
6. Fire
7. River Movement
8. Water Supply
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