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Section 10 Rivers and Harbors Act

This permit is required for construction of any structure in, under, or over a federally listed navigable water of the United States, the excavation or deposition of material in such waters, or the accomplishment of any other work affecting the course, location, condition, or capacity of such waters. Navigable waters in Montana are the Missouri River downstream of Three Forks, the Yellowstone River downstream of Emigrant, and the Kootenai River from the Canadian border downstream to Jennings, Montana. 

Contact: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Montana Regulatory Office

10 West 15th Street, Suite 2200

Helena, Montana 59626

Phone: (406) 441-1375

Potential Permits Required
1. Tribal Aquatics Permit
2. Section 10 Rivers and Harbors Act
3. Streamside Management Zone Law (SMZ)
4. Montana Land-use License or Easement on Navigable Water
5. Montana Point Discharge Elimination System (MPDES) Stormwater Permit
6. Water Rights Permitting
7. Fish Stocking Permit
8. Montana Floodplain and Floodway Management Act (Floodplain Development Permit)
9. Federal Clean Water Act (404 Act)
10. Short-term Turbidity (318 Permit)
11. Montana Streambed and Land Preservation Act (310 Permit)
12. Potential Permits Required
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